Friday, November 4, 2011

J&C #198: Bridging the Viking Invasion

We've had a bit of a name change within the last few weeks in regard to our church.  The Slovak word for "bridge" is "most", and this was all fine and dandy, until a certain political party decided that it wanted the same name as well, without even bothering to consult us.  The cheek!  (Just kidding!)  After that little incident occurred, our fearless leader Mark had to explain every time he met or was in contact with somebody new to us, that no, we're not affiliated with any political party, and no, we have no idea how that happened either.

Obviously, God wants us to be cooler.

So, we went with the youth-oriented decision that in Slovakia English names are more... interesting.  After a fair amount of debate about a logo and whatnot, we finally advertised ourselves as a church, with the new, simple name change to "Bridge".

Ok, now that's out of the way...

This week in Sala we are hosting a group of young international students from a Danish Bible school (proper name to be added here once I can find the right symbols for the letters..!) and they bring with them a lot of talent in quite a few areas, including worship and drama.  They'll be going into schools in and around the Sala area, and we'll be having a slap-up meal (translation for Canadians and other exotic species: multiple course dinner) on Sunday before church actually starts.

This evening's Friday was an overall success, with new friends being made and stories being shared.  Invites had been sent out to schools to come and see them at the newly-renamed Bridge church. We also even had one come forward to give their life to Jesus, and as Mark pointed out, the angels are having a party because of that right now.

They'll be visiting more schools and sharing stories throughout the area next week too, so please pray for this group as they continue their invasion!

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