Wednesday, October 19, 2011

J&C #197: The Shopping Mall Story

Shopping centres (or "malls" for those of Canadian, American and other exotic species) in Canada would really be called "small towns" in England due to their size and the fact that they can fit just about everybody and everything in.  They are large, sprawling affairs where you can easily get turned around in, eat Indian food at, and get a small child so hyper-sensitized that he won't be sleeping for the next five hours or so (sorry, Joseph).

During our latest shopping trip, we came across, or more exactly Christina's eye came across since she's more drawn to this certain manufacturer than I am, an Apple bag sitting on its lonesome on a sofa.  We took a sneak peek and there was an iPad 2 inside along with complimenting blue cover.

"Hallelujah! The Lord has provided!" we did not say.

Instead, we did the right thing, since faith and behaviour really do have to go together (shout out to our Catholic friends), and took it to the customer service desk to get it checked in.  After that, we sat on the same sofa as we found the package and waited while Joseph had his type of filtered food.  We also waited out of curiosity, to see if someone would come along sooner or later.  Indeed, not too long after, a rather flustered young man came to ask if he had seen anything on the sofa in an Apple bag.  We pointed him out to the customer service station, and in his mild panic went instead to a charity stall that was giving away a $48,000 Lincoln in a competition.

Since I don't like to see people struggle, I got up and directed him to the service desk.  I think the guy said thankyou to us about fifteen times.  And then said it again on his way back.

Warm fuzzies all round.

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